If its too loud…

Despite this being not only my second post but also my second band related post on the bounce, I’m not specifically a band photographer, yet… I don’t much make a habit of going to gigs and photographing bands, mainly because I’ve played in bands myself for longer than I am prepared to admit and going to gigs for me is a bit like Delia Smith going to Mary Berry’s for afternoon tea. She’ll have a lovely time but she won’t be able to stop herself judging the consistency of the scones.

Anyways, I found myself at The Hop in Wakefield last Thursday night witnessing a thoroughly committed and impassioned performance by The Chapman Family that was just amazing (the musical equivalent of the perfect scone in fact). I’m a guitarist. I have owned a Marshall 1959 SLP 100w top and a 4×12 basket weave Marshall cab. I once played an open air festival and the front of house engineer ask me to turn it down. I know what loud is. I know how loud feels. Last Thursday night felt loud. My ears compressed and my chest cavity resonated. As awesome as it was, and it was, I couldn’t stay the course. It was just too loud for me. Therefore, regrettably, I am too old…

Just give me a minute… sniff…

Pass me a tissue please?

No, no, I’ll be alright, just a little under the weather I think…

Are there cats in here? I have a cat allergy…


Oh, ok… must be my hay fever then…

YES, in February!

Anyway… that’s better… thanks.

I digress. Before I left I managed to get a few shots that I thought worthy of posting so here they are. Hope you find something you like in them. Next time I’ll post about something none band related. Socks, or something.








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