Bill, the dry stone wall builder

While I was having the time of my life revelling in a world of logs, I noticed a chap just along the road rebuilding a dry stone wall. His name was Bill, and a very nice bloke he turned out to be too. He explained he was rebuilding the wall because an elderly gentleman had hit the bend in the road, late afternoon, with the sun in his eyes and neglected to turn the steering wheel accordingly. At least, that’s how the driver explained it anyway. I was surprised by how much of the wall required rebuilding, considering that he was probably traveling at no more than 5mph…

Aaaaanyway, it was interesting to see how the wall was being built, with two outer stacks of large stones and an inner filling of smaller stones to prevent them from collapsing in on themselves, I guess. I probably should have asked Bill about it but I was too engrossed in his story about the wind turbine on the next farm causing fits of manic depression in one of the local residents (I’ve no idea how that would work) and the ensuing lawsuit to have it removed.

Bill was kind enough to let me take a few photographs of him at work, so here they are.







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