Boxing Buddies and Boxing Bodies

A few weeks ago I did a shoot for ‘Boxing Buddies/Boxing Bodies’, a newly established boxercise class held at Savoy Youth and Community Centre in Skelmanthorpe and also at Bodyzone Fitness Centre in Scissett. The class caters for both children (Boxing Buddies) and adults (Boxing Bodies) and from where I was standing it looked like a great way to keep fit. Its a non-contact activity, so you don’t have worry about going toe to toe and getting punched repeatedly in the head like Rocky Balboa during his epic bout against the mighty Ivan Drago.

The shoot itself was an enjoyable one, though not without its challenges. Jason Dockray, the man responsible for running the class, and I had discussed the shots that we wanted to get beforehand, how many were required and how they would be used on his website. We arrived at the magic figure on twelve, which doesn’t sound a lot I admit, however, we only had a two hour window at Savoy Youth and Community Centre to achieve our goal, so the pressure was on.

The room itself presented a few issues for consideration. Firstly, it was a pretty characterless white room, so we had to figure out a few ways of making it appear less sterile and more ‘gym-like’ and, secondly, it was a fairly large space top fill and as it is a new venture for Jason we only had a handful of ‘clients’, made up of family and friends, to pose for the camera. So, after adorning the walls with banners/posters and as much boxercise equipment as we had, I decided to shoot as close as possible in order to minimize the effect the sterile nature of the room would have. I think I just about got away with it too and, actually, with the bright, minimalist, colour scheme of white, yellow and blue, I think the photos fit in really nicely with the general aesthetic of the website.

The saying goes, never work with animals and children but, honestly, all the kids involved in the shoot were great. To say that none of them had any previous experience of being photographed under such conditions, they all did really well. Its really tiring repeatedly punching those pads, at the request of some bloke with a camera doing no more exercise than pressing a button, but they all rose to the challenge and worked really hard as you can see by the pics below.

Despite the time constraints we managed to achieve the majority of our goals for the day and although at times I felt like I wasn’t sure if I was ducking or weaving I had a great time and came away pleased with the photographs I’d taken and I’m happy to say that Jason is pleased with them too.

If you fancy having a go at a Boxing Bodies/Buddies class yourself, click on the link below for more info. Jason’s a top bloke and a very knowledgeable instructor so you’ll be in good hands.





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