The Boys (And Girls) In The Band

Been a busy few weeks. Spent a few days in Dublin assisting my great friend and mentor Mr Kerry Harrison, pounding the sun drenched streets in the most uncomfortable shoes ever (brand new Dunlop Green Flash, absolutely no give!) from morning till sun down. Good fun though, despite my shoes, saw some pretty cool places and met some super nice people along the way.

I’ve also been shooting some of my own work. I spent a day with Martin Whelan at MJW Amplification taking some product shots of his magnificent hand made guitar amps, which I’m currently working on at any given opportunity. I’ll have some shots up on here and on my website as soon as I’ve finished obsessing over the finer details of each and every shot. Could be a while!

I’ve also made a start on my latest project, which I’ve entitled ‘Bandmates’. Its pretty self-explanatory really. As I may have mentioned in previous posts, or not, I’m also a musician and have been making various levels of ‘racket’ in bands since I was 13, which is now a quarter of a century ago. I know, I know… Its hard to believe what with my youthful vigour… Over the last 25 years asides from not aging one little bit, mentally at least, I’ve been very fortunate to make music with some very talented folks, some of which I still make music with to this day, others of which I haven’t spoken to for over 20 years. It is these people, around 60 of them if I’ve not forgotten anyone, that are my subjects.

I plan on shooting them individually primarily because the logistical nightmare of getting 60 people in the same place at the same time fries my brain but also because I like that the project has the scope for some fantastic variation that way. I want to capture my fellow bandmates doing something other than making music, doing something else that will change how the viewer thinks about who they are and what they do. Finding them, however, is in some instances proving a little tricky. I have, essentially, turned into an internet stalker of late. Google isn’t always my friend, frustratingly. Folks are bloody hard to find, especially the ones that don’t appear to have any social media presence whatsoever… I mean, this is not an easy undertaking and I just don’t think that these people gave a second thought to what I’m trying to achieve here when they quite selfishly chose not to have a Facebook account! Or a Twitter account! Or a Myspace account, even though nobody has an active Myspace account anymore!! Breathe in green, breathe out red, breathe in green, breathe out red…

So anyway, I’ve made a start with Steve who is the lead vocalist in the 80s pop band I’m currently a member of. When Steve isn’t wowing audiences with his rousing renditions of such classics as Wham’s Freedom and Phil Collin’s Easy Lover he likes to sit astride his Harley and go cruising round Europe. Below is an outtake from from our shoot.

Thanks for reading!