A Horse With No Name

Spent the morning up at Grange Barn Stables near Baildon working on my ‘Bandmates’ project with Paula (human) and Clementine (horse). I may have mentioned this before but my name is derived from Greek and roughly translates as ‘lover of horses’. While I don’t particularly have anything against horses I think that ‘lover’ is a bit strong.  I think perhaps ‘casual admirer’ would be more accurate but I’m not sure how that would affect the spelling and pronunciation of my name… Anyways, while Clementine was being saddled up getting ready for her close up I spotted this handsome beast sticking an inquisitive head over the stable door.


A Holiday in Cambodia (Whitby, actually)

Its that time of year again when I get out the slide projector and show off some of my holiday snaps so, once again, dim the lights, break out the cheese and wine and allow me to regale you with many a witty anecdote as we take a brief stroll through the sights, and sounds, of the North Yorkshire coast (and surrounding areas).