One scotch, one bourbon, one beer.

I’ve been working on my ‘Bandmates’ project again after quite a lengthy break. My most recent victim, I mean, subject, is Frank. I met Frank in Manchester for this particular shoot, which, as anyone who knows Frank will agree, I felt would be most appropriate to take place in a pub. You see, Frank and I used to play in a band called Star 27 and while we had some great times making music together we also had some great times after the show, usually ending up drinking G&T’s somewhere at the tail end of the night when, following several pints of lager, the last thing I needed was a G&T…

I’ve not seen Frank for a good few years, so it felt only right that we should have a catch up over a few drinks while I snapped away. Being the total professional that I am, I didn’t just settle for one location, I had to make sure we had all bases covered to give myself a fighting chance of getting something usable. So, in the name of art, we ended up doing a tour of the pubs in and around Manchester’s Northern Quarter for the entire afternoon. It was tough, really really tough, nearly as tough as that shoot I worked on at the top of Helm Crag in the lakes but we both dug in and made it through.

Below is an outtake from the shoot, which was taken late into the afternoon at The Night and Day Cafe. While we were chatting Frank commented that one of our best gigs was at The Night and Day supporting The Kooks. I agreed that it must have been a good one because I couldn’t for the life in me remember it.