Another Brick in the Wall.

Continuing my Bandmates project, yesterday afternoon I photographed Greg Jones, former bassist with Homegroan, in which I played guitar also. Homegroan were something of a local phenomena round Wakefield in the early to mid 90s. Somehow we managed to regularly pull crowds of 150 plus to our gigs at Players and The Poste Haste and at our peak we were unstoppable. Its a shame that the grunge scene we were a part of was so rudely gatecrashed by Britpop. On one particular tour we shared the stage with Glasgow’s answer to Oasis, The Gyres, and I was struck by how confident and arrogant they were towards us. It was like they knew their time was just beginning and ours had passed with the then recent death of Kurt Cobain. At the time I was sick to my stomach that the most original, exciting and vibrant musical movement since rock and roll was born was being surpassed by the most unoriginal, uninventive and downright boring musical movement since rock and roll began. Now i look back and i can see that it had to happen really, the constant rebirth of popular music etc…, and that bands like Pulp, Longpigs and Supergrass definitely are not without their merits. For a brief time though, me and Greg were right in the thick of what, at the time, seemed like the best music scene that ever existed.


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