For Your Eyes Only

I never really intended for these shots to be put on public display, it being a test shoot and all, but, having revisited them for the first time since the shoot in early December, there’s aesthetically something about them that I quite like, despite the shonky looking gaffer-taped background, the suspended ceiling and the lighting stands that are all clearly visible. Or maybe its because of all those things that I like these shots enough to share them with you? Anyways, hope you like them too. Thank you to the lovely ladies at Rainbow Pole Fitness for taking part.





You’ll not see nothing like The Mighty Doonans.

The Mighty Doonans are, to my ear at least, a folkrocksoulblues band mainly from the North East. If you check out their gig at The Davy Lamp from 2013 on Youtube, for which there is a link to the opening number below, you’ll see what I mean. I suppose they’re the musical equivalent of a curry in some ways. Now, go with me on this… So, a really good curry can be spiced with umpteen different ingredients which combine to create the overall flavour, however, you should still be able to pick out garlic, ginger, cumin maybe, cardamons perhaps, coriander perchance… and the same is true of The Mighty Doonans. They have an overall vibe/sound that is unique to them and gives them their musical identity, but if you listen closer you can hear that it is made up of a tablespoon of Richard Thompson here, half a teaspoon of Otis Redding there, a pinch of Van Morrison and a dash of Ray Charles, amongst other key ingredients (a soup├žon of Tom Waits and a hint of Bruce Springsteen).

I had the pleasure of photographing them for their website, which is being updated ahead of 2015’s festival season that will see The Mighty Doonans putting in appearances across the UK and mainland Europe. Below is an outtake from the shoot. Thanks for reading.


Johnny, be good.

Johnny Firth had a bit of a rep, but he was the only drummer that understood what we were trying to do, so he was in. It wasn’t a bad rep, really. He liked a drink and occasionally the odd pill or wrap, so I’d heard. He liked a fight also. All in all it seemed that the term ‘rum bugger’ was coined with Johnny in mind. His prowess with the ladies was legendary, which for us was as good as having a drummer as great as Keith Moon himself in the band. If we couldn’t have Keith then more girls, by which I mean ‘some’ girls, at our gigs certainly wouldn’t go amiss in the slightest. Anyway, Johnny played drums very much in the same spirit as Keith did; unpredictable, energetic and wild but always brilliant. So, he was in.