You’ll not see nothing like The Mighty Doonans.

The Mighty Doonans are, to my ear at least, a folkrocksoulblues band mainly from the North East. If you check out their gig at The Davy Lamp from 2013 on Youtube, for which there is a link to the opening number below, you’ll see what I mean. I suppose they’re the musical equivalent of a curry in some ways. Now, go with me on this… So, a really good curry can be spiced with umpteen different ingredients which combine to create the overall flavour, however, you should still be able to pick out garlic, ginger, cumin maybe, cardamons perhaps, coriander perchance… and the same is true of The Mighty Doonans. They have an overall vibe/sound that is unique to them and gives them their musical identity, but if you listen closer you can hear that it is made up of a tablespoon of Richard Thompson here, half a teaspoon of Otis Redding there, a pinch of Van Morrison and a dash of Ray Charles, amongst other key ingredients (a soupçon of Tom Waits and a hint of Bruce Springsteen).

I had the pleasure of photographing them for their website, which is being updated ahead of 2015’s festival season that will see The Mighty Doonans putting in appearances across the UK and mainland Europe. Below is an outtake from the shoot. Thanks for reading.


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