Blame It On The Boogie(men).

It was a big responsibility, being a Boogieman, and not one to be taken lightly, as lead singer of The Boogiemen, Jim Pitchforth, well understood. There were birthday boys/girls, wedding parties and charity event attendees that needed entertaining, whether they want to be entertained or not, in some cases. As the frontman it was Jim’s sole raison d’être to get the party going, to rouse everyone, young and old, into letting go of their inhibitions and shaking it down on the dance floor – a serious business. However, Jim bore these responsibilities with a certain degree of irreverence, often to the delight of myself and my fellow Boogiemen, after all, its supposed to be fun, playing party tunes, right? If the band don’t have a laugh and enjoy themselves how can the punters be expected to do the same?

My personal favourite ‘Jim’ moment was during the breakdown of Blame It On The Boogie, the bit that goes ‘I just can’t, I just can’t, I just can’t control my feet’, in which Jim would be whisked away across the dance floor as if being carried against his will by his suddenly disobedient, unruly, rebellious feet. In that one moment, which had me laughing till I cried every single time without fail, Jim quite often broke down the invisible barrier between the audience and the dance floor. If he could make himself look a little bit silly then so could they. It helped that the band and the set list was great too but much of the credit should be given to Jim.

Jim is still entertaining the masses, as crooner extraordinaire Jamie Forth, and he’s available for birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs etc… armed with his silky smooth baritone and a whole bunch of easy listening classics. Recently I did some promotional shots with a very dapper looking Jim, one of which you can see below. Thanks for reading.



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