Let’s Dance 2

February 28th saw the second ‘Let’s Dance for the NSPCC’ event held at Horbury Academy. Last year Let’s Dance raised around £10,000, which is an impressive amount whichever way you look at it. This year, incredibly, that amount was surpassed with nonchalant ease, like Mr Bean gliding past the peloton on his pushbike complete with shopping basket on the front, raising a whopping £16,000 to help vulnerable and disadvantaged children across the region.

For the second year running I was there to document the event and for the second year running I thoroughly enjoyed overcoming (or at least trying to!) the technical and logistical aspects of such a hectic shoot. I also managed a little socializing with a couple of small beers and some cake so it wasn’t all go you’ll be relieved to hear.

While shooting I had one eye on capturing the event as honestly as I could so that I could present the NSPCC with a bunch of images that would reflect the true nature of the evening, that it was a fun and exciting night charged with energy and anticipation – which it was. However, I also couldn’t resist taking the odd shot here and there for myself that, while being no less an accurate document of the nature of the evening, presented a slightly different narrative on the events that unfolded as the night progressed. I’ve posted some of the former on my FB page and below you will find some of the latter.

Thanks for reading.








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