The Air That I Breathe

I am ON FIRE with the Bandmates project at the moment. Today I was fortunate enough to be deep in the belly of The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield photographing Phill Arnold who, as well as being and incredibly technically gifted drummer, works as a member of the maintenance team there. Phill and I played in a band with Russ Smith (of ‘The Grand’ fame) back in our college days when we were young and fresh faced. Well, Phill and Russ were anyway.

While we were shooting Phill was telling me all about the climate control system that he helps to maintain at The Hepworth, how it controls the air temperature and the humidity in the galleries above so as not to cause any damage to the many priceless works of art that they have on display. No pressure there then. The data collected can then be used to prove the gallery’s suitability to house future exhibitions, on loan from other galleries, however, the slightest deviation from the perfect climate can sometimes be cause for alarm bells on the donor’s side apparently, so again, no pressure there then!

So the next time you visit The Hepworth, and if you haven’t you really should, think of Phill and the pressure he’s under to prevent millions of pounds worth of art disintegrating to dust and try not to breathe your body temperature air out into the gallery space. Much appreciated, thanks.

Here you are Phill, a nice one for yer mum!


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