Martha My Dear

Continuing the Bandmates project, I recently met up with Neil McLarty with whom I used to be in an Alt. Country band named Roseville Grand. Neil, like myself, put down the guitar in favour of the camera a few years back and began studying for a masters degree in film making. I met him on the set of his directorial debut entitled ‘Martha’, featuring Rita May currently of ‘Trollied’ fame, (who also appeared in two of the scariest feature films I’ve ever seen, ‘Threads’ and ‘Red Riding: In The Year Of Our Lord 1974’) and Benjamin Harris who recently completed filming on his first feature role ‘ID2: Shadwell Army’.

Time was short, as you might imagine Neil was working to a tight schedule and had generously given up his lunch break to accommodate the shoot, but we did manage to have a catch up while I clicked away on Neil’s portrait and a couple of production stills with the cast. I was pleased to find that Neil had found another creative outlet and if he’s half as talented a film maker as he is a songwriter then Martha is set to be an outstanding debut. Below is an outtake from the shoot, my thanks to Neil and the cast and crew for being so accommodating on what must have already been a massively hectic day!